AI Voice for the Multiverse

Unleash the full potential of MultiversX NFTs and AI-generated voices by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

About us

What is evoXAI?

evoXAI is a DeSCI project that aims to create the world's first text-to-speech AI based on smart contracts living on the MultiversX blockchain.

VOICEX NFT collection
Unique, AI + Blockchain

This groundbreaking technology will allow for the seamless integration of artificial intelligence into the world of blockchain, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for the future of both industries.

Easily integrated with any app or dapp

With the ability to convert text into natural-sounding speech in real time, evoXAI will revolutionize the way we interact with smart contracts and open up a whole new world of possibilities for how we use and engage with blockchain technology.


evoXAI Timeline

Q1 2024
  • evoXAI new website
  • $EVO MultiversX branding
  • $EVO Public sale
  • 2000 VOICEX NFTs sale
  • Community growth
Q2 2024
  • 4000 VOICEX NFTs sale
  • $EVO rewards for NFT holders
  • AI design and functionality
  • Complete $EVO public sale
  • $EVO primary exchange listing
Q3 2024
  • 4000 VOICEX NFTs sale
  • AI model research
  • AI training and testing
  • API developement
  • AI learning mode
  • Test and debug
  • Social media setup
Q4 2024
  • AI beta
  • 8000 VOICEX NFTs sale
  • AI data collection
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • AI API integration
  • AI models and algorithms
  • Expand offerings for the community
  • $EVO listing on major exchanges

Artificial Intelligence using Blockchain

Hot to get involved

Our NFT collection and $EVO token serve as the connecting elements between the AI system, future applications of the system, the end user, and VOICEX NFT owners. These elements enable seamless integration and communication between all parties, creating a comprehensive ecosystem for managing and leveraging NFT assets.

Easy AI

Easy for users to access and utilize the full potential of the AI system, whether they are NFT owners or app and dapp developers looking to integrate the system into their platforms.

Productive NFTs

This system will provide lifetime $EVO rewards to VOICEX NFT owners, each time one NFT is used by the AI making it a valuable tool for those looking to maximize the value of their assets.

$EVO token

The $EVO token is the deflationary utility token of the evoXAI. It has the token identifier EVO-20892b on MultiversX blockchain. You can buy it on our MultiversX dapp here!

$EVO deflation

At the end of each NFT sale round, the system will burn between 80% and 10% of the $EVO used for purchases, thus reducing the $EVO supply. As the NFT database expands, $EVO becomes scarcer and more valuable.

Tools & Partners

News & Info

01 Mar 2024

From Robotic Voices to AI-Powered Realism and Beyond

1 Mar 2023

A Closer Look at evoXAI and VOICEX Collection.

3 Mar 2023

Unlocking Real-Life Utility with Innovative NFTs


Looking for answers?

Can you briefly explain what evoXAI is all about?

evoXAI is making AI and voice technology more accessible. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate VOICEX, the unique voice NFT database living on MultiversX blockchain, with custom neural voices, giving you the power to have a truly unique and impactful AI voice for all your needs and also offer rewards for VOICEX NFT owners.

What is the VOICEX NFT collection?

VOICEX is an NFT collection utilized by the evoXAI system to confirm the ownership of words used by AI. The AI will be trained using 40,000 NFTs minted by the community. Once the AI services are started, $EVO will be spent by AI users (apps, dapps, individuals) for AI services, with the $EVO revenue being distributed among the VOICEX NFT owners.

How can I mint VOICEX NFTs?

The VOICEX collection will feature NFTs minted in rounds of 1000 NFTs per round. The availability of each round can be monitored through our app. You may use either EGLD or $EVO to mint a single NFT, with $EVO holders being eligible for a more favorable rate. Additionally, custom NFTs (for a name, brand, or any desired word not yet minted) can be ordered at any time.

You can usually find NFTs from the VOICEX collection for sale on various marketplaces such as XOXNO, DEADRARE, or ENEFTOR.

Why is $EVO deflationary?

100 million $EVO were minted on the Elrond blockchain. This was the maximum supply of $EVO ever in existence. Currently, after burnings, only 95,225,000 EVO are available. When an NFT minting round is completed, some $EVO used for minting is burned, according to the burning plan. Once the NFT minting process ends, the role of $EVO burning will be assigned to the AI that will burn % $EVO each time the system is used, thus decreasing the supply and making the coin more scarce.

Our team

Meet the builders

our mission

We are testing the integration of AI and MultiversX blockchain in our project. To assess the potential of this implementation, we are utilizing tools from industry leaders. Once the final product is complete, we will announce all of our collaborations.

collective expertise

Our team is composed of professionals who are highly skilled in their respective fields. Their extensive knowledge and experience are valuable assets that contribute to the success of our project.