Elrond Voice evolves into evoXAI: Transition steps

We're excited to be building and bringing real-life use of #MultiversX NFTs to the AI space with evoXAI! Here are the transition steps from Elrond Voice to evoXAI:


We are updating our branding and visual identity to reflect the evolution of the system.

Voice to VOICEX NFT collection

We are expanding and diversifying our NFT collection to support the ongoing development of the AI. NFT collection Voice will be renamed to VOICEX! Users will be able to easily swap their existing NFTs for the new collection using our app.

This updated collection will provide a more comprehensive and valuable resource for training and utilizing our AI system. The new NFT collection will feature a range of voices, reflecting the diverse possibilities and capabilities of our AI system.

The use of different voices in our collection will make it easy to differentiate between rounds of NFTs and their corresponding value. A huge help for managing and utilizing NFT assets, enabling users to make informed decisions and maximize the value of their investments.

This will enable app and dapp developers looking to integrate the system into their platforms to easily access and utilize the full potential of our AI system. Don't forget that our token, EVO, is currently in its final sale round on https://app.elrondvoice.com

EVO to EVO 2.0 swaps

Our token, EVO, will get a boost for maximum deflationary usage as we swap to the new EVO 2.0 token (improved from 2 to 18 decimals).

Swap to the new EVO 2.0 token will be available on our app. The transition from EVO to EVO 2.0 will provide improved capabilities for rewards distribution and real value exchange.

Community Growth

We are increasing our presence and engagement in the blockchain and AI communities, sharing updates and progress on our development and growth. We will begin marketing efforts to raise awareness and make our AI system known to the broader community.

By increasing our presence and visibility, we aim to drive adoption and support the ongoing growth and development of our #AI system.

Some new NFTs

Included in the VoiceX Collection