The VoiceX Collection: Unlocking Real-Life Utility with Innovative NFTs

The VoiceX collection is revolutionizing the NFT market by offering genuine value through its unique NFTs. Created on the MultiversX blockchain using smart contracts, these NFTs ensure optimal security and transparency for their owners, making them a reliable investment.

The structure of VOICEX

Currently, the collection comprises of two batches (minting rounds), with each batch containing 1000 NFTs. Eventually, there will be a total of 40 batches, with evoXAI handling the NFT minting process. Each batch features words selected by linguistic specialists based on their frequency of usage, with the final batch featuring the least commonly used words.

NFTs ranking in VOICEX

Each NFT in the collection has a "Usage Top Rank" attribute, indicating the batch it was minted in and the likelihood that the word will be used by the system. The lower the number, the higher the score, indicating that NFTs with a lower "Usage Top Rank" will receive more rewards.

Custom NFTs

We are offering members of our community the opportunity to mint a word before it is included in a minting round by submitting a custom NFT minting order. The order form can be found in our dapp. Additionally, you can order special names or words that you believe will yield good rewards. This feature also allows representatives of brands to request a brand NFT that features their logo and website. Custom words and names are available to everyone, but for brand NFTs, you must provide proof that you represent the brand after submitting your order (we will contact you to verify).

To prevent abuse of the EVO rewards system while also providing special recognition, we have decided to award a "Top Usage Rank" of 3000 for brand NFTs, 3500 for names, and 4000 for custom words that are minted before being included in a future round. This means that you can currently mint a word with a better "Top Usage Rank" than if it were included in a later round (for example, round 10 as determined by our linguistic specialist).

VOICEX contribution to EVO deflation

The VOICEX collection is also contributing to EVO deflation, with a portion of the EVO used to mint NFTs burned after each batch sale. The burning process began with 80% in the first round, followed by 70% in the second, and so on until the eighth round, which will have a 10% burning rate. After that, all rounds will have a 10% burning rate. In summary, the VoiceX collection offers a unique and innovative approach to NFTs by utilizing blockchain technology and linguistic analysis to create valuable AI assets.

Some new NFTs

Included in the VoiceX Collection